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Download Doa Khatam Quran Pdfl [March-2022]




This book is about hudud (Sharia laws). Hudud means “two obligations”. It is a comprehensive book about hudud. Some parts of this book are about Shariah and its history. This book will answer all your questions about hudud. All the laws of hudud are given in this book. The laws of hudud are divided in seven laws. All laws of hudud have different names. For example, there is a law of hudud named “The ‘Adultery” or “Zina”. This book is all about the laws of “Zina”. This book also contains some articles about the topic “Allah” (the God). For example, “Allah has no son” or “There is no father and no son” or “Allah has created the whole universe”. The author has tried to explain the different issues in the book with simple words. This book will explain the different laws of hudud to all readers. The main aim of this book is to give the correct and true knowledge of hudud. All books about hudud are for Muslims. This book will also give the correct information about hudud and Quranic verses. It is the first book about hudud for non-Muslims. So don't miss this chance. Share this book with your friends and relatives. Allah will help us. This book contains the full text of the Holy Quran, The Book of Allah, which Muslims believe to be the most holy of books. The Muslim believe that Muhammad was God's Prophet and that the Quran was revealed to him by God. The Quranic Verses that are not translated in English are in Arabic, so if you are not well versed in the Arabic language, it might be a little difficult to understand the full meaning of the Quran. The Arabic-English Dictionary is included so that you can refer back to the Arabic words and meanings as you read the Quran. You will also learn how to read the Arabic script, Arabic numerals and the numbers of the Quran. The Quran is in three parts: 1. Makkah al Mukarramah 2. Makkah al Mukarramah 3. Al-Jannah wa’l-Jahannam “This book is not intended to meet the needs




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Download Doa Khatam Quran Pdfl [March-2022]

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